The Holiday Survival Guide

7 Simple Strategies for Busy Dads to Keep Weight Off This Holiday Season... Plus 10 Free Bodyweight Workouts You Can Do On the Go From Anywhere


Holidays are HARD for Dads

As a busy dad, you want to spend the holidays enjoying time with friends and family without worrying about gaining weight.

You know you are going to be tempted with sweets, fatty foods, and alcohol while having limited time to workout.

The holidays used to be one of the most difficult times of year for me to stay fit. I used to expect to gain 5-10lbs a year during this time of year... I even had bigger pants in the closet for this time of year.

Then I discovered these 7 strategies that I have been using for the last 3 years that have changed EVERYTHING.

I no longer worry about what I eat, drink, and how much I workout because I use these 7 strategies every holiday season to prevent me from gaining weight.

Now I enjoy the time I spend with my friends and family without the worry of gaining weight like I used to.

If you want to enjoy the holidays with your family without that worry about your weight or fitness, download these 7 strategies today by filling out the form below 👇


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